Sunday, 4 September 2016

The girl who just wanted to be loved by Angela Hart. - Book Review.

The girl who just wanted to be loved by angela hart book review

"Eight-year-old Keeley looks like the sweetest little girl you could wish to meet, but demons from the past make her behaviour far from angelic. She takes foster carer Angela on a rocky and very demanding emotional ride as she fights daily battles against her deep-rooted psychological problems. Can the love and specialist care Angela and husband Jonathan provide help Keeley triumph against the odds?" 

Angela and her husband have been fostering for a very long time and are very experienced foster carers. They were asked to take in eight year old Keely who had been in the care system for sometime but it just hadn't worked out with her previous foster parents.. Angela and Mike were already fostering two teenage boys at the time Keely came to live with them and became a prt of the family. With the ups and downs and struggles they had with Keely who needed a lot of support because she had been through many tough times. Angela and Mike are amazing people and so inspiring! I really liked this book a lot. If you enjoy fostering memoirs, you'll like this book, too! Similar to Cathy Glass and Angela Watson, Angela and her husband are amazing people and I wish there were more people in this world like them! 

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