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The boy in the striped Pyjamas by John Boyne - Book Review.

The boy in striped Pajams by John Boyne

"If you start to read this book, you will go on a journey with a nine-year-old boy named Bruno. (Though this isn't a book for nine-year-olds.) And sooner or later you will arrive with Bruno at a fence.

Fences like this exist all over the world. We hope you never have to encounter one." 

I have wanted to read 'The boy in the striped Pyjamas' for the longest time. I have seen the movie but really, really wanted to read the book. I have been looking for this book in charity shops for a good few weeks now and the other day, i was passing one of my local charity shops which I wasn't even going to go into when I randomly just thought 'I know they won't have it but I'll have a quick browse in the book section, just incase" And there it was. The boy in the striped Pyjamas. Finally. For the bargain price of £1! I had to have it. I actually couldn't wait to start reading it and read it that same day. It took me overall about 3.5 hours to read as it's quite short. I could easily have read this book in one sitting had I not had distractions. Anyway onto my thoughts about this story. 

The boy in striped Pyjamas is an historical war fiction story about a family who move from Berlin into the countryside. The father is a Nazi soldier and the whole family have to move away with him because of his job. Bruno, the nine year old little boy, is not happy that he's had to move from there big five story house, away from all of his friends and grandparents. Bruno is use to being able to explore and live quite freely but it all changes when the family have to move. They move right next to a concentration camp 'Out With'. Bruno doesn't really understand what the place is and thinks it's perhaps a farm. Bruno goes exploring and walks by the fence where he meets a small boy the other side of the fence who is wearing stripey Pyjamas. He's a prisoner in the camp. They do become friends but Bruno doesn't tell anyone, not right at first anyway.I don't want to go any further as I don't want to spoil it for anyone but it truly is a page turner. 

It IS a little on the unrealistic side in places but again, it's fiction John Boyne has pulled this story off very well, it's written very well. I am in no way complaining as it's fiction and aimed at a younger audience. It is Young Adult style. My twelve year old son has started reading this book  and so far he really likes it, too!
A truly heartbreaking story indeed. I rated this book 4.5 stars. 

I'll just add in here that yes, the movie is fairly true to the book. The ending is slightly different, the movie is a bit more sadder in my opinion. Personally I preferred the book but the movie is certainly worth a watch too. 

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